June 20: Religious texts like Koran too easily open to deadly interpretations

From: Roger Crossley, Silkstone, Barnsley.

IN response to Dr Malik’s article (The Yorkshire Post, June 16) re the threat of extremism on our children, I have to say that I struggle with his claim that ‘the relevant commandment in the Koran could not be clearer’.

This refers to the edict that “whosoever killed a person – unless it be for killing a person or for creating disorder in the land – it shall be as if he had slaughtered all mankind”.

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Now obviously Dr Malik is an intelligent and much respected man, but how he can claim that this commandment “could not be clearer” is perplexing. From whose point of view could this “not be clearer” Dr Malik and with what interpretation?

To my mind, as is often the case with religious doctrine, everything is susceptible to an interpretation of your choosing. I feel that his interpretation of those words is of a rational, mature and intelligent adult. Is it not possible, however, that a certain section of this “commandment” can be bent easily to the wills of the less reasonable and mature?

Hereby, of course, lies the problem. If a man like Dr Malik can make a claim that this “could not be clearer”, it shows, in my opinion, a fundamental weakness in religious rationale.

From: Terry Duncan, Greame Road, Bridlington.

ALL the experts, politicians and religious leaders agree there is only way to solve the problem of youths leaving home to join the evil Islamic Sate after its apparent success of poisoning the minds of both naive Britons and the people of its native Arabic nations through murder, rape, beheading and mutilation.

That solution is to get them to integrate in to the British way of life, follow the laws of the land and abide by the standards that are expected of all citizens of the UK.

Yet, on a visit to a girls’ school in Tower Hamlets by the wife of the American President, all the pupils were wearing hijabs.

What message does this give to the rest of Britain?

From: Ian Smith, Colston Close, Bradford.

THE boat refugees are a manifestation of international grievances. This African crisis has only become an issue for Europe because it’s nearer.

Why should Europe be the only continent helping these unfortunates? The USA likes to police the world, but its actions are partly responsible for many of the world’s troubles. America would do well to shoulder some of the burdens presented by boat people.