Keep Sunday
as time of rest

From: B Murray, Halifax Road, Grenoside, Sheffield.

I FEEL that I need to take issue with the article written by 
Jayne Dowle (Yorkshire Post, August 16) concerning Sunday trading.

Apart from the fact that God says “Keep Sunday holy and do no work on this day” (Exodus 20:8), shop workers and the people who supply them would be able to have a six-day week and enjoy a rest, retailers would have fewer overheads, youngsters forced to work could be with their friends and people would be less stressed.

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Consumers unable to shop during the extended shopping hours or online would have to learn how to reorder their lives.

Community life

From: TW Coxon, West Auckland Road, Darlington.

I READ with interest, as no doubt did many of your readers, David Wright’s letter responding to Anwar Akhtar’s “Debatable and contentious points” (Yorkshire Post, August 23).

The commitment and co-operation Akhtar refers to must, as Mr Wright so rightly points out, apply to all members of the Commonwealth who have chosen to live in this country, by integrating fully into the British culture and speak English as their first language.

Failure to do is provocative to the British way of life.

Screen view

From: John Gordon, Whitcliffe Lane, Ripon.

I AM now so used to pretty young women telling me about the happenings in the world, the weather and the financial news that when anyone over the age of 30 appears on my screen I just don’t believe them.

Paint boxes

From: Ken Holmes, Cliffe Common, Selby, York.

I DON’T know about painting letter boxes gold, but some of the letter boxes I see around could do with a touch up of red paint.

While on the subject of paint, couldn’t councils paint doggy poo boxes green to save confusion?