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Will Brexit be good for Britain?
Will Brexit be good for Britain?
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From: John Van der Gucht, Clayton Hall Road, Cross Hills.

AS we enter a new decade with Brexit, in principle, behind us (even if the fine details are nowhere near settled), several thoughts occur.

Jeremy Corbyn led Labour to its worst defeat since 1935.

Jeremy Corbyn led Labour to its worst defeat since 1935.

What Labour must do if it is to win again after Jeremy Corbyn election disaster – John Grogan

One is that the current left-wing, Momentum-led Labour Party is an electoral dead duck (The Yorkshire Post, December 31). The ‘Red Wall’ voters wanted out of the EU and decided that if you can’t beat them, join them.

Leeds MP Richard Burgon confirms he is standing for Labour deputy leader

Data by Best for Britain made it clear long before election day that only a Labour/Lib Dem coalition stood any chance against Boris Johnson’s Tories, but both leaderships were so away with the fairies that they ignored it.

New MP for Rother Valley Alexander Stafford says ‘there are no safe seats now’ after Labour’s election defeat

If there is to be an effective opposition, necessary in a functioning democracy, then the current leadership need to realise that more of the same is not going to wash.

From; Michael Thompson, Brixham, Devon.

IN a largely politically uninformed and apathetic Britain, the British largely deserve nothing better than Boris Johnson winning the election.

One of the things we need so desperately in this country is a well-educated, politically-educated working class. Then the entire Tory party and government would hopefully never see the light of day in this country again because people would see right through them.

As it stands, Labour voters who voted Tory at this election, for whatever reason, have sold our NHS down the road to full privatisation, and given us more austerity cuts.