Lack of authenticity in Cameron following ‘son of Blair path’

From: Michael Swaby, Hainton Avenue, Grimsby.

IN his article, James Reed says “Cameron has spent the last seven years dragging his party back to the centre ground because like all sensible political leaders he knows that is where elections are won” (Yorkshire Post, March 2).

I hope Mr Reed doesn’t see “positioning” as an acceptable tactic, for I believe it to be one of the more corrosive features of the present political scene.

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Former Prime Minister Tony Blair made it into an art form, believing that it left an opponent with nowhere to go. Did the nation benefit at all? In fact, his government made no memorable reforms.

“A political formula that both appeals to middle ground voters and motivates party activists” is almost an oxymoron. For all but old-fashioned Liberals, the two could prove to be incompatible.

Under New Labour, those with traditional Left-wing views were regarded as being expendable. Many Conservatives now feel they are being treated similarly, with Ukip being the beneficiary.

I greatly sympathise with younger people who complain that “they are all the same”. It is now 10 years since Charles Kennedy “rocked the boat” by leading his party into opposing the Iraq war. People are not offered a real choice, because many issues are fudged, or even avoided altogether. David Cameron’s “son of Blair” path lacks authenticity, and voters will rumble it.

From: Martin Vallance, Brompton on Swale, Richmond.

I SEE that David Cameron has said that “the right thing to do is to fix yourself firmly in what Keith Joseph called the “common ground” of politics”.

Well, I have before me a CPS booklet of 1976, author Sir Keith Joseph entitled Stranded on the Middle Ground? in which he argues the opposite case with chapters such as “Government spending generates unemployment” etc. The booklet is well worth reading again today for its insights which are relevant as ever. Is Mr Cameron ignorant of this important modern Conservative Party thinking or is he being deliberately misleading? Must be one or the other must it not?

From: Rodney Atkinson, Stocksfield, Northumberland.

DAVID Cameron says he won’t “lurch to the Right”. Why did he not say he wouldn’t lurch to the Left? Mr Cameron hasn’t a clue about what is Left and what is Right. Most of his policies are in fact extreme Right – that is State authoritarian and attacking ordinary people.

His God-like redefinition of marriage, “wife” and “husband”; his surrender of the people’s parliament to the authoritarian anti-democratic European Union where the votes of our people count for nothing; mass immigration which impoverishes British workers by taking their jobs and driving down wages; massive energy taxes on families because privileged well-paid global warming nutters demand it; slashing defence, welfare 
and police services while arrogantly dispensing billions through the corrupt aid budget which pays £600m a year to “consultants”.

The genie is out of the bottle now that the three party conspiracy is being challenged. The Conservative Party will 
never survive if Mr Cameron remains its leader.