Let children sing Land of Hope and Glory in schools - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Dick Lindley, Altofts, Normanton.

Picture: Frank Reid.
Picture: Frank Reid.

I WAS saddened to read Andrew Vine’s column (The Yorkshire Post, June 24) regarding the plan to ask our children to sing a patriotic song at the start of the school day. I think it is well worthy of our support.

Unfortunately he is confusing patriotism with virulent nationalism which surprises me considering his normally perceptive contributions.

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Patriotism and pride in one’s country is a belief worth fostering in our young folks. It will help them realise that this great nation is one of the shining beacons of decency, democracy and tolerance in a world which seems at times to have gone crazy.

I would have preferred that our children started their school day with a vigorous rendition of Land of Hope and Glory but any song which delivers a patriotic message is fine by me.

From: Tom Simmonds, Harrogate.

HOW daft of the Department for Education to advocate the singing of the jingoistic One Britain, One Nation twaddle by schools when choirs are still not permitted to meet inside.

I can only assume Gavin Williamson has taken on a new adviser – Matt Hancock.

In any other political era, this pair of serial failures would not have been sacked. They would not even have been appointed Ministers, never mind handed such important Cabinet posts, in the first place.

From: ME Wright, Harrogate.

THE PM has given his blessing to the singing of a jingoistic “patriotic” song (The Yorkshire Post, June 25). Could this lead to some sort of mandatory Last Night of the Proms rendition?

“Land of Bojo’s Brexit; mother of the free”? Though sickening to many, a plus would be the introduction of some youngsters to a possibly life-changing friendship with Edward Elgar.