Let’s launch a National Appeal for NHS and its superheroes

From: Dennis Jephson, Sheffield.

Lydia Hardwick aged 11 with her brother Daniel aged 8, support the NHS by painting their window through the Coronavirus outbrea, at Oulton, Leeds. Picture by Simon Hulme

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Letter from the editor: Why The Yorkshire Post needs Yorkshire more than ever

AFTER the amazing and very emotional applause for the NHS staff, I believe we can and should do more. My idea is to have a massive national appeal for donations to the NHS to help fund the crisis and to show the NHS staff how much we’re supporting them.

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This could be done like Children in Need and Comic Relief etc by some famous people, but without all the big show presentation, perhaps with Land of Hope and Glory in the background.

Rainbow displays have been appearing in windows to express support for the NHS.

My wife and I work as volunteers for several charities, including NHS Hospital Charities, but most fundraising events are cancelled or postponed for now, so a big national appeal should help.

Another thought I’ve had and not heard mentioned is for HS2 to be “Beechinged” to save billions and help the NHS.

From: Stephanie Shield, Sinnigton, York.

FARMERS are calling for EU workers to be brought back to the UK to pick the fruit and vegetable crops (The Yorkshire Post, March 28).

Prime Minister Boris Johnson (right) and Chancellor Rishi Sunak outside 10 Downing Street, London, joining in with a national applause for the NHS to show appreciation for all NHS workers who are helping to fight coronavirus.

Whilst this coronavirus pandemic rages, and it is likely to go on for several months, why can’t sixth form and university students be mobilised to help with the need for casual workers to carry out this seasonal work?

Some students will not be going back to their education until September at the earliest. Surely this is a good time to put these younger people to use which will help the country?

From: ME Wright, Harrogate.

LIKE Jarvis Browning, I entertained and discarded the idea of using the present reduced services to upgrade the railways (The Yorkshire Post, March 27).

However, is there any reason why the Rail Delivery Group could not use these sad times to get a long-overdue grip on the privatised 25-year ticketing mess? They could work from home, remembering to pop out in the evening to cheer our publicly-owned NHS.

From: Terry Morrell, Willerby.

IN these difficult times, I am today disturbed that there are so many people, also the BBC, making negative and critical comments about the shortcomings of any suggestion of reasonable advice.

Criticism is so easy, but unless it is constructive, can we please have much less of it? We could all do with some encouragement.

From: Anita Bamford, Sharrow Vale Road, Sheffield.

GOODNESS me, Jayne Dowle (The Yorkshire Post, March 30). What an awful, miserable complaining article (including, of course, the usual chip on the shoulder reference to Boris Johnson’s place of education). Of course he can’t get everything right, but most of us think that he’s doing a good job under incredibly difficult and unique circumstances. We need positive words in tune with the spirit of a nation pulling together.

From: A W Clarke, Louth.

I CONFESS I’m not a great fan of social media because, I suspect, it gives carte blanche to people who should know a little better to post some ridiculous comments.

Having said that, Geoff Wright’s comment that anyone over 70 (in this case Jeremy Corbyn, I assume) should stay at home and keep quiet confirmed my views about Twitter and Facebook. That is tantamount to saying that no one over 70 has any right to an opinion. Would he like me to send him a list of over 70s who are probably among the cleverest people in the world?

From: Gordon Lawrence, Sheffield.

WHILST there’s much to admire about China, we should not bury its shortcomings and the crucial issue of why and how the catastrophe, now enveloping the world, emanated from this enigmatic land. Will there be a next one? And can we stop it?

From: Hilary Andrews, Nursery Lane, Leeds.

WATCHING Martin Lewis on Good Morning Britain telling of the scheme he had set up to Feed the NHS, wouldn’t it be great if other millionaires, like Gary Lineker and his football pals, gave £1m too?

From: Peter Rickaby, Selby.

EXPERIENCE tells us when civil servants are in charge of procurement, i.e. Ministry of Defence, goods ordered arrive on average two years late. Let’s hope civil servants procuring for the NHS are not of the same ilk.

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