Let’s show real common sense over drivers

From: ME Wright, Grove Road, Harrogate.

THE European Court equality rule on insurance matters has been condemned as “utter madness” and “a setback for common sense” (Yorkshire Post, March 2).

So far as motor insurance is concerned, doesn’t “common sense” demand a more robust response to selfish drivers by the courts? At present, there seems to be little difference in the penalties for honest error and the crass arrogance displayed by Gary Hart over the Great Heck tragedy?

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If drivers, regardless of age or gender, choose to stick two fingers up to the law, perhaps the minimum mandatory sentence should be reversion to provisional status, followed by an extended driving test, to ensure that they’ve grasped the idea that they are not the only ones on the road.

From: Alec Denton, Oxford Avenue, Guiseley.

I TOTALLY support your Editorial condemning the European ruling on insurance.

In the process of their ego trip, the European judges have clearly breached the UK’s sex discrimination legislation.

Life expectancy and a young person’s approach to driving depend on genetic makeup and the statistics record accurately that there are genetic male/female differences.

Not to allow insurers to recognise these truths to a person’s advantage, is to both deny nature and to discriminate on the grounds of gender.

From: Rev Neil McNicholas, St Hilda’s Parish, Whitby.

MORE insanity from Europe in this latest edict regarding women’s pensions and car insurance!

Why and how can something be imposed on us from Luxembourg?

Over the centuries, we have fought battles to maintain our independence from Europe, but the moat of the English Channel seems to be far too easily breached these days. It’s time to pull up the drawbridge.