Letters July 21: BBC must focus on offering value for money

From: Karl Sheridan, Selby Road, Holme on Spalding Moor.

THE persistent protests by the BBC that they need to retain the current licence fee amount if not more shows an utter disregard for the licence payer.

If I’m fair, there are one or two dramas on BBC1 and BBC2 that are worth watching but 
most of the time we watch 
the Freeview channels and I resent paying £145 just so I can receive “free” TV.

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BBC Radio 4 is at least worthwhile, although even the Radio 4 Extra is suffering from repeat syndrome.

The BBC need to reduce their expenditure and shed the other two channels and return to making good TV programmes. However I do think the pursuit of digital was a thorough waste of money.

Frankly, because most people have access to Freeview and other forms of entertainment 
or else subscribe to other providers like Sky, the 
licence fee ought to come down to a sensible level that is fair to everyone.

Realistically £75 per household would be about right, as 
we all have to pay for internet access anyway – and that 
in itself is another extortionate example.