Letters November 3: The Northern workhouse – made in China

From: Charles Jones, St Peter’s Street, Huddersfield.

I FEELthat from the North of England our Prime Minister is not receiving his proper recognition. His vision of the Great Northern Workhouse is cracking on apace.

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Redcar and Scunthorpe steel plants are firm steps down his chosen road, this while Chinese steel makers are daily phoning and e-mailing UK importers to take their dumped below-cost steel and French and German steel mills are supported by their governments.

Meanwhile our Prime Minister is collecting a few thin Northern fig leaves from Manchester to keep the “infighters” quiet until Mr Xi can return to Beijing to arrange delivery of the rail 
to supply the incongruous 
HS2 which will help the Midlands and North supply labour for the South’s offices. Japanese trains on (probably) Chinese tracks.

Not all our Prime Ministers can be great but our country deserves better. I am happy to be labelled an “infighter” and have not been to Eton, but with the fees that Eton charges, one would think they would teach at a minimum the difference between right and wrong, loyalty and patriotism.