Letters November 3: Not convinced by our MP’s reassurances over fracking

From: Anne Nightingale, Station Road, Helmsley.

I AM very disappointed with our local MP Kevin Hollinrake. I feel that he hasn’t supported his constituents who have increasing concerns about a Government which continually changes legislation concerning fracking (The Yorkshire Post, October 29).

The Government promised in January that Sites of Special Scientific Interest would be protected, now they are not, so why should we believe their reassurances? There is no law preventing fracking wells in National Parks or Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty either. Legislation was promised in July and we are still waiting.

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I don’t trust this Government to protect our countryside, our health or our livelihoods.

From: Sue Cuthbert, Newton on Rawcliffe.

I AM not reassured by anything that the Tories tell us on fracking. They are irresponsible, ignorant and lacking in any sort of concern for the communities of Ryedale and Yorkshire. Before the General Election, David Cameron said that people on low salaries would not lose top-up benefits. Why should we believe anything they tell us? The only reason that they want fracking to go ahead is more money for big business. Greed, greed and more greed.

From: Geoff Smith, Pasture Lane. Hovingham.

KEVIN Hollinrake says we should not be concerned that the Government has gone back on previous assurances. The fact that well heads will not be sited in these areas will not, as Mr Hollinrake is aware, prevent the blight of fracking affecting the lives of his constituents living close to these areas.

Each well site will cause thousands of extra HGV movements, some of which may pass through these areas, all of which will travel on small country lanes close to people’s homes Far from being reassured, Mr Hollinrake’s “assurances” just reconfirm my view that some our politicians, those very politicians that we rely on to protect our interests, will when it suits them act with absolutely no integrity and totally ignore the wishes and interests of their constituents.

From: Russell Scott, Pickering.

IF Chris Moncrieff (The Yorkshire Post, October 29) thinks fracking will bring benefits and improve wellbeing he is gravely mistaken. For fracking to succeed in the UK we would need to drill circa 15,000 wells over the next decade or so to meet the demand.