Many Christians are supportive of gay marriage, says vicar

From: Fr Nicholas Clews, Priest in Charge St James the Great Woodhall and St Margaret of Antioch Thornbury, Galloway Lane, Pudsey.

I FIND myself listening with increasing frustration to the media coverage of the debate on gay relationships and gay marriage in particular.

One could get the impression that the whole Christian church has taken a stand against both. It is simply not true. There are many Christians who are supportive of both. The massive coverage of Christians who are opposed to gay relationships fails to do justice to the genuine division of opinion throughout the Church.

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Those of us who wish to be supportive of same sex relationships do so because we find nothing in the Scriptures to indicate that there is anything inappropriate in them. And everything to indicate that love and mutual support are to be encouraged. I regret that this view is so rarely heard in the media.

And I regret that in a world where there are serious evils of war, violence, nationalism and discrimination against the poor, some Christians feel the one issue on which to take a stand is homosexuality.

From: Brian Sheridan, Redmires Road, Sheffield.

MONMOUTH MP David Davies is right in saying that most parents would prefer 
their children not to be gay (Yorkshire Post, December 11).

For their own sake I hope 
my young grandchildren will 
not be gay.

I don’t want them to suffer the anguish of trying to come to terms with it.

Dare they tell their parents? What will their friends think? Will they be bullied?

Will they have sympathetic employers and workmates?

Or will it be a dark secret as would have been necessary not too many years ago?

I would just like to ask Mr Davies if he would reject his own children if they turned out to be gay?

From: Heather Causnett, Escrick, York.

I AM sure that your letter writer John Watson is as sick as I am with the palaver over “gay marriage” which, to my mind, is a contradiction in terms.

Homosexuals, like heterosexuals, are born, not made, but to behave as if they are exactly the same is totally wrong.

Marriage is the ceremony of holy matrimony between one man and one woman for the purpose of procreation. It always has been and, hopefully when all this dies a natural death, always will be.

David Cameron, whom I respect and admire more every time he appears in the Press or on television, has done everything possible to give homosexuals what they want while not infringing on Churches’ beliefs regarding marriage, not forcing them to hold these ceremonies if it goes against their deeply-held feelings, which is their right.

Nobody should be forced to live a lonely existence because of their sexuality, but why on earth do homosexuals have to pretend that their feelings and behaviour are exactly the same as those of heterosexuals, when they are patently different? Why cannot they simply have a civil ceremony which will upset nobody at all and then live together in peace and happiness? Why wave their sexuality like a banner regardless of who gets hurt?