March 11 letters: Who let the vultures out to prey on consumer?

From: ME Wright, Grove Road, Harrogate.

LIKE Bernard Ingham (The Yorkshire Post, March 4), I, too, found last week’s column therapeutic; endlessly muttering “yes, yes, yes” as he catalogued the list of irritations and associated broken promises of phone and energy companies etc.

But we can no longer blame the miners and other trade unionists – the wicked “enemy within” – can we?

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The enemies are, more often than not, “without”; ie in some distant land, but not, it seems, without incestuous, self-serving friendships at Westminster.

Who set in train the events leading to all this?

Who, Sir Bernard, nodded approvingly like some benevolent uncle, as the vultures were released from their cage?

Who are the so-called ‘regulators’; by whom are they appointed and how much are they paid? Are they allowed any financial interest in the one-time public services which they are supposed to keep an eye on?

And finally, why, over the last decades, has no government done anything resolute and positive to kick the backsides of these non-regulating regulators and order them to clip the wings of these vultures?

“Urging”, “requesting”, “suggesting” doesn’t work – and did they seriously think that it would?