March 13 Letters: Voices of disabled ignored in changes to village

From: Mary Ellwood, North Duffield, Selby.

A RECENT government paper published on March 6 entitled “No voice unheard, no right ignored”, a consultation for people with learning disabilities, autism and mental health conditions clearly states that they ”have a right to be listened to and have their wishes acted upon”.

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The new “shared living” arrangements which are proposed by Camphill Village Trust (CVT) at Botton Village, North Yorkshire, would, in reality, require co-workers’ accommodation to be “self-contained with its own front door, kitchen, bathroom, living space and own entrance” (CVT website) i.e. segregated from those with learning difficulties.

Bearing in mind that 
just one in 10 (of the people we support) have asked for more independent living arrangements (CVT website) 
it’s not surprising that the others are protesting, even to the extent of petitioning No 10 Downing Street to be allowed to continue the way of life they had 

Action For Botton, a locally formed group, is doing its 
best to support them in 
objecting to the proposed changes but I feel the treatment of these vulnerable people warrants a national outcry in protest.