March 14 letters: Money to burn on our Russian coal imports

From: Michael Davies, Cherrywood Crescent, Fulford, York.

DAVID Cameron has said he does not intend to go soft on sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine invasion.

Is he going to stop importing Russian coal into our UK power stations I wonder? Will he 
stop our Government’s authorised Export Finance Agency giving British taxpayers’ money away in the form of underwritten Export Credit Guarantees to Russian coal mining giant SUEK and gas 
giant Gasprom – £430m given to date.

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It is a scandal that we are importing 30 per cent of our coal from Russia at a cost of £lbn and the last three deep coal mines in our country will close down in the next 16 months as a result of our Government refusing to give them funding.

We all need to go and buy some candles in readiness for the lights going out because tracking and green energy are not going to stop that in the short to medium term.

Is it not enough for the UK people to stomach losing a national asset but to also find out their hard-earned cash is being spent on Russian coal and gas companies.