March 20 Letters: Voters are not even on the agenda

From: John Barker, Baden Powell Crescent, Pontefract.

WITH reference to the letter from MP Laycock (The Yorkshire Post, March 12) and his list of what MPs do.

Unfortunately they don’t. I was always told they were there to look after their constituents.

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Where was Denis MacShane when all the abuse of young girls was going on in Rotherham? People do not matter, they are not on the agenda.

Money first – as much as they can claim and pocket, the party next to keep the gravy train flowing. God forbid that they have to do anything for their constituents.

This is borne out by Anne McIntosh’s comment (The Yorkshire Post, March 14) – no mention is made of her constituents.

I live in Pontefract where Wakefield Metropolitan District Council give us pavements not fit to walk on and are talking of pulling down a perfectly good swimming baths that have been allowed to deteriorate by Councillor Peter Box and his freeloaders.

The only time we see our MP, Yvette Cooper, is when she is trying to win political points on television. Once again, people don’t matter.

From: Alan Chapman, Beck Lane, Bingley.

THE General Election draws ever closer and the Labour Party propaganda grows evermore romantically stupid. Ed Miliband and Ed Balls compete to issue ludicrous statements – each claims the Conservative corrections to the economy will take the country back to the level of the 1930s.

In 2010, the Labour Party left the country on the edge of bankruptcy, forcing its successors to sort out the financial mess and even after five years the job is only half completed.

Back in 1930, children left school at 14-years old and the NHS had not even been thought of. Do these desperate senior socialists think anybody but their own brainwashed supporters will believe a word they say? This leaves 80 per cent of the country mocking them.

Let us take the size of the UK economy in 1932. Historical records show public expenditure was £1.8bn, in today’s value the figure would be £83bn. The coalition Government’s current spending target is £731bn.

Do even the politically-blind far left give any credence to the mystical mutterings of Miliband and Balls?

The pair are totally unsuitable to hold the keys to Numbers 10 and 11 Downing Street.

From: Hugh Rogers, Ashby, Scunthorpe.

WHEN our country is under threat from terrorists, under siege from Brussels and under pressure economically, I expect our Prime Minister to be on the bridge in charge of the ship, not playing political parlour games on television.

Ed Miliband prefers a jolly trip around the bay in the broadcasting equivalent of the Saucy Sue. Clearly he has nothing better to do. Long may it last.

From: Terry Duncan, Greame Road, Bridlington, East Yorkshire.

HOW sickening it was to read that former PM Tony Blair was secretly escorted out of a back entrance to St Paul’s Cathedral to avoid coming face to face with the bereaved who lost family in Afghanistan.

Blair took Britain to war on dubious grounds, yet he is continuing to escape criminal charges either in the UK or at the International Court of Justice in the Hague.

From: Max Nottingham, St Faith’s Street, Lincoln.

TO most people both David Cameron and Ed Miliband are toffs, But I would argue that the Labour leader is the more civilised toff.

David Cameron acts as though he was born on the playing fields of Eton on a cold winter’s morning. His revenge seems to have been to hit poor people with the bedroom tax and toxic sanctions against benefit claimants.

From: Arthur Quarmby, Underhill, Holme, Holmfirth.

THERE has been no mention whatsoever of the Government’s promised referendum on the EU since the start of the election campaign. But then I don’t suppose any of us really believed it would ever be granted (such a major decision is far too important to be trusted to the public).

Let us never forget David Cameron’s unguarded reference to an EU “all the way from the Atlantic to the Urals”! One wonders where he got that one from – only from discussions in Germany of course.

Germany has twice tried to establish an European empire by warfare, and been defeated on each occasion. So the third attempt – so far, rather more successful – is by more peaceful means. But when the expansion pushes into Russian territory then it deservedly meets with real opposition.

From: David Collins, Scissett.

BEING a grumpy old man I thought, I would share my current pet hate – unnecessary outside news broadcasts.

The number of times I have seen the outside of 10 Downing Street is impossible to count. Same goes for the Houses of Parliament, the White House, Bank of England, every bank or supermarket in the news etc.

If reporters have just left a meeting with hot news, then fine. But when the building is obviously empty of activity, why bother? Do reporters get special payments for outside broadcasting? Is there a shortage of seats in the office?