May 11: Wake up to benefits of Conservatism

From: Hilary Andrews, Nursery Lane, Leeds.

THE election of a majority Conservative Government is really good news, but when is West Yorkshire going to realise that this is the party which will get Yorkshire men and women back to work, improve our economy and enable us to provide education and jobs for our young people jobs?

Labour would take us back to bankruptcy with their lavish spending policies. Ed Miliband’s resignation speech indicated 
that Labour have learned 
nothing from the electorate and intend to continue on their downward path. Wake up West Yorkshire and smell the Yorkshire rose!

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From: Laurence J. Sowden, Far Lane, Kettlewell.

AS I sat into the small hours watching the outcome of the General Election and listening to all the talk of the rise of the Scottish Nationalists, it struck me that we were at last also witnessing the rise of English nationalism.

Quite clearly from the result, the English have decided that if the Scots wish to be governed by an extreme leftist party then they can get on with it.

Hopefully David Cameron will give them full fiscal control without the aid of the Barnett Formula and then we will witness the demise of the Scottish economy while ours continues to prosper.

One small tip for Nicola Sturgeon. If the Scots really want independence, give the English a vote to help them on their way.

From: Geoffrey F. Bryant, Queen Street, Barton-on-Humber.

MY heart bleeds for the headmaster of Eton and his deprived customers earning only a “middle-income” £80,000 plus a year (The Yorkshire Post, May 7). It must be terrible for all of those senior policemen, country GPs and airline pilots to have to contemplate begging from the state for handouts so that their needy offspring can get into boarding schools. But presumably needs must.

However, could I ask the headmaster to remember that “we are all in it together” and all he is doing is asking the government to add further to the country’s debt mountain?

How totally out of touch can one get? If I had any doubt about the way I should vote in the general election the headmaster of Eton fixed it for me.

From: Terry Marston, Lincoln.

“I’M afraid there is no money” was a response that all Chief Secretaries had to get used to. So said Liam Byrne in defence of the note he left for his successor, David Laws. David Cameron must have acted post haste to acquire this note and make it part of his armament for future engagements.

From: Michael Dennis, Ripon.

DESPITE losing a national referendum in her own country a few months ago, the strident Nicola Sturgeon has recently been telling voters in other parts of the UK that she can help form a socialist alliance at Westminster, “to lock the Tories out of Downing Street”. By doing so, she achieved the opposite.

From: Dave Croucher, Pinfold Gardens, Doncaster.

NICK Clegg and his party have paid the price of lying to the voters, and all other politicians should take heed. The public will only stand being lied too on important issues for so long and payback time will come. The student rebellion from the broken promises of the 2010 election has come back to bite the Lib Dems.

I hope the electorate takes note of the promises of the present election because there are going to be a lot of about-turns on the things said to get into Downing Street, many of them are unfulfilled assurances from the past, but whatever happens no one should be shocked by the reverse Robin Hood tactics of the Conservatives.

From: Keith Sturdy, Grimbald Road, Knaresborough.

DAVID Cameron must be left feeling that he has won the pools – a Conservative majority, plus three party leader resignations, in one day. Not forgetting also that Ed Balls has lost his seat, Prime Minister’s Question time will never be the same again.

From: Keith Wigglesworth, Mead Way, Highburton, Huddersfield.

ALEX Salmond says “the Scottish lion has roared”. Well it might... it gets more to eat than the rest of us.

From: Elisabeth Baker, Leeds.

BRIAN Sturdy complains (The Yorkshire Post, May 8) that one rarely, if ever, hears the National Anthem on the BBC. He obviously does not listen to Radio 4 late in the evening, as the Anthem is played daily just before 1am, after the Shipping Forecast and before the station closes down for the night.

Incidentally, when Radio 4 is off the air overnight, the World Service is broadcast in its place. There are some excellent programmes there – thoroughly recommended.

From: R Webb, Wakefield.

REGARDING the letter from Roger M Dobson of York (The Yorkshire Post, May 1), David Cameron certainly needs to be castigated for his disastrous efforts in Libya, something he never learned from, as he then wanted to go to war in Syria.

The war in Libya was led by the French and British, the Americans not wanting to get involved, a case of fools rushing in. They went in under the guise of protecting civilians, which soon turned into regime change. Did Cameron realise Libya is the gateway to Europe from Africa? I fear not from a man who gets confused with Aston Villa and West Ham and thinks England and Scotland are a country rather than a “union”.