Miles better for today’s workers

From: Robert Stevens, Bootham Crescent, York.

I READ with amused bitterness on whether a just car mileage rate for council employees is 45p or 65.8p per mile (Yorkshire Post, May 21).

When I had the misfortune to be a council employee (outside Yorkshire), my reward for using my car for council business was one bus fare. If I took a colleague with me, my reward remained... one bus fare.

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A more efficient method of destroying staff morale is difficult to imagine.

Sponsors should kick out Blatter

From: K Scudamore, Richmond, North Yorkshire.

IF Sepp Blatter is not going to resign as Fifa president, then it is down to the sponsors of football’s World Cup to withdraw their financial support until he does.

It’s no good organisations like the Football Association acting in isolation; Blatter needs to be hurt in the pocket.

Playing catch

From: Ann Smith, Wellesley Avenue, Hull.

IS there any chance that the police in Barnsley (Yorkshire Post, June 1) could catch some muggers and burglars rather than try to prosecute people who swear or speak out of turn?

Rights wrong

From: Joe Gallagher, Yeadon, Leeds.

WHAT hope is there for the country when a prisoner is being allowed to father a baby from behind bars following a decision based on human rights laws?

Weather vein

From: Ken Holmes, Cliffe Common, Selby.

WHAT a shower weather forecasters have become – please pardon the pun.

They irritate me, with their self-styled jargon – for example “clouds bubbling up”. Does anyone know what it means?