Ministers to blame for failing cycle safety test

From: Malcolm Naylor, Otley.

THE frustration of motorists when delayed by cyclists, and the dangers that cyclists are exposed to from motor traffic, is a recipe for conflict and sometimes tragedy. And it is cyclists who suffer.

This manifests itself as anger and antagonism between two completely incompatible road users.

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But unfortunately the energy of a motorist’s anger is directed in the wrong direction. It should at the Government and Department of Transport that allows it to happen. Not be at each other.

After all cars aren’t allowed on pavements or railway tracks so why not segregation for cyclists?

For many years government have made token gestures to segregate slow vulnerable cyclist from armoured road users.

More than 50 years ago a dedicated cycle track was built between Tadcaster and York but because it’s poor surface was disregarded by cyclists who rightly preferred the smoother road.

Similarly the inside surface of many roads is in such a poor condition and littered with manholes and potholes that cyclists have to avoid. Thus annoying motorists.

It is the system that is wrong and if the Government was sincere in promoting greener and healthier forms of transport, it would inject funding to segregate traffic according to their speed capabilities. They should learn some lessons from our continental neighbours. But alas nothing is done.

Motorists; please don’t abuse cyclists. Direct your anger at the Government and demand safer provision for cyclists.

Then we would all be happy and cycling would become the national pastime it should be.