Moving to hear wartime stories

From: Michael D Braithwaite, Bradford Road, Pudsey.

LIKE Eric King’s son, I accompanied my Father Walter Braithwaite DFC, now 91, on a tour of the Halifax at the Yorkshire Air Museum. He was a Bomb Aimer on a Halifax flying from Elvington. It was extremely moving to listen to him describe his experinces on bombing runs.

We owe a great deal to these men who at long last been recognised with a campaign medal. One last point – Bomber Command flew ops, not missions.

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Batteries better

From: Derrick Riggs, Aspin Park Drive, Knaresborough, North Yorkshire.

WHY is Leeds Council still planning for trolleybuses 
when battery-operated buses 
are being built in Leeds? These will do a similar job as the trolleybuses without an overhead gantry. If there is a power failure on the trolleybus circuit, then all the trolleybuses come to a stop. This would not happen with battery-operated buses. It 
is possible that battery buses could be operating in Leeds within two years.

Pot calling kettle

From: Brian Darvell, Molescroft, Beverley.

Only a Ukip MEP could turn a diatribe against moonlighting council planning officers into a further call against immigration (Yorkshire Post, March 18). It wasn’t long ago that some of his fellow MEPs, who by the way, detest the EU but continue to collect the perks, were under investigation for the very same thing. I would also ask Mr Bloom how many people in this country could claim to be indigenous to it? As it was once said, patriotism is the hiding place of scoundrels and in his party’s case this couldn’t be more true.