My fears for future of democracy and rule of law if Brexit impasse persists – Yorkshire Post letters

Protesters continue to gather outside the Houses of Parliament.
Protesters continue to gather outside the Houses of Parliament.
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From: Michael Green, Baghill Green, Tingley.

THE fact that the majority of voters want to leave the European Union, while the majority of MPs want to remain, is on its own a big enough threat to democracy.

is Boris Johnson right to force an early election?

is Boris Johnson right to force an early election?

Why Boris Johnson was right to purge rebel Remain MPs over Brexit – Yorkshire Post letters

But it is much worse than that. Our MPs voted, despite their protestations of democracy, to prevent the voters having a chance to resolve the impasse through a general election. They are also in the process of passing a law which will require the UK to accept any and every extension of time that the EU imposes.

The case for a Brexit government of national unity as Amber Rudd quits – Tom Richmond

In this birthplace of democracy, I very much fear for its future. The last occasion on which a monarch intervened (whether rightly or wrongly) in the Parliamentary process did not end well. But I cannot begin to imagine any alternative.

Boris Johnson has faced hostile exchanges in Yorkshire.

Boris Johnson has faced hostile exchanges in Yorkshire.

From: Gordon Lawrence, Sheffield.

BORIS Johnson’s new government’s strategy and tactics were certain to ruffle the feathers of the mass of the hard Remain lobby, since they have had, previously, a happy time running rings round the naïve, malleable Theresa May and her tepid negotiators.

Named: The hypocrites and lickspittles in Boris Johnson’s Cabinet shaming politics over Brexit – Tony Rossiter

The vitriolic column written by Tony Rossiter (The Yorkshire Post, September 4) demonstrates the ire that is surfacing among the Remain faction now that they are being subjected to the devious tactics they themselves have consistently employed in fighting the democratic decision of the people of this country.

“A government full of hypocrites and lickspittles” is Rossiter’s claim. Not once does he report the three years of resistance that disparate but extremely powerful and organised lobbies have directly and indirectly colluded with Brussels to sabotage the whole project.

From: AJA Smith, Cowling.

WHAT brazen hypocrisy spewed forth by Ken Clarke MP (The Yorkshire Post, September 6). Is this the same Ken Clarke who stated in 1996: “I look forward to the day when the Westminster Parliament is just a Council Chamber in Europe”? Can any MP have worked as tirelessly and as long to wrench sovereignty from the British people, enfeeble Parliament in order to empower unelected institutions in Brussels?

From: Ian Smith, Bradford.

WHO cares? For this moment, we shouldn’t! So let them do their worst, because in the next moment, we’ll surely do our worst to them – and there’s more of us. Just a little more Tyke patience. Now, back to the Ashes.