National Lottery proceeds and foreign aid cash should now prop up NHS

From: Keith Hardy, South Parade, Saxilby, Lincoln.

Should the proceeds of the National Lottery be diverted to the NHS during the coronavirus pandemic?

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HOW I agree with the letter from Dick Lindley (The Yorkshire Post, April 1) regarding the distribution of foreign aid and how it could help fund new hospitals here.

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The £14bn per year would go a long way to provide the much needed tests and equipment required to help stop coronavirus.

Wouldn’t it also help if the National Lottery gave all proceeds to the NHS over the period of the pandemic?

My late parents use to say charity begins at home and I suspect they were not the only ones.

Let’s hope the Government see sense and apply the block on foreign aid immediately.

From: Paul Morley, Ribblesdale Estate, Long Preston, Skipton.

I WONDERED how long it would be before John Cole came up with another pointless reason to keep us in Europe (The Yorkshire Post, April 1).

I suppose it could be his idea 
of an April Fool’s joke but I doubt it.

He’s right that we need international co-operation but from the world as a whole, not the inward-looking EU.

Accept defeat gracefully John, we’ll think a lot more of you.