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Yorkshire Bank has been taken over by Virgin Money.
Yorkshire Bank has been taken over by Virgin Money.

From: Keith Sturdy, Grimbald Road, Knaresborough.

WHAT has happened to our banks in this country? Over the last two years or so most of our banks have suffered from computer problems and payment issues. Last weekend my bank, the Yorkshire, apparently had major payment problems and tried to blame everyone but themselves.

Bank services are being called into question. Picture: Adobe Stock

Bank services are being called into question. Picture: Adobe Stock

This Virgin Money text betrays my decades-long loyalty to Yorkshire Bank – Yorkshire Post Letters

Being a Yorkshireman, I was always proud to be one of their customers, even when they were under Australian ownership. Since going independent they seem not to care about the customers, closing branches and also intending to re-brand both the Yorkshire Bank and its sister company Clydesdale under the newly-acquired Virgin brand which I am certain most of their customers, especially those in Yorkshire, don’t want.

No expensive re-branding in the past. My original account with the Yorkshire Penny Bank local school bank got a sticker with Yorkshire Bank stuck over my original bank book when the name changed.

Whilst on the subject of Clydesdale Bank, don’t they presently still issue bank notes in Scotland? Are the notes to also be branded ‘Virgin’? If so, it will definitely have the appearance of Monopoly money!

Why Yorkshire Bank is wrong to change its name - Stewart Arnold

From: RW Place, Cornfield Avenue, Huddersfield.

I HAVE worked out a system to stop banks like Virgin Money/Yorkshire Bank avoiding payments due to glitches (The Yorkshire Post, January 4).

I suggest that a working party of foundry workers be set up – they are used to working under extreme heat from the furnaces and they have to be careful that no molten metal is spilt.

They should be supplied with a big hammer, set of spanners and set of screwdrivers, also plenty of WD40. Then sent in to the computer suites. I am sure that a hefty wallop of the hammer and deft application of the spanners and screwdrivers will solve the problem forever.

‘We are investigating urgently’: Yorkshire Bank give advice to customers left without funds due to banking issue

This will make the learned computer whiz kids with their numerous letters after their names rise from their seats and get out and refresh their brains, say on Ilkley Moor, or other healthy venues. The present situation cannot be tolerated any longer.