No wish for nanny state, but face masks should stay for now - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Paul Stones, Wadworth, Doncaster.

A woman wears a face mask in Scarborough. Picture: Richard Ponter.
A woman wears a face mask in Scarborough. Picture: Richard Ponter.

When the pandemic hit these shores 18 months ago, we were clearly advised that face masks would not prevent you from catching the virus. They may reduce the likelihood of the wearer passing on the virus (if they were infected) but would not provide an effective barrier against infection for the wearer.

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At some point there seems to have been a change in scientific opinion as for the last 12 months at least it has been mandatory to wear a mask when in indoor public spaces and buildings.

I took the view that, apart from reducing the risk of transmission, wearing a face mask as required also served as an acknowledgement and a reminder that we were in the grip of a pandemic and needed to behave and act appropriately.

Whilst I have no wish to live in a “nanny state” I am concerned that some of the restrictions that have been in place are now to become voluntary. Surely if the point and benefit of wearing a face mask is to protect others are we not being a little premature in relying on everyone to take personal responsibility and “do the right thing”?