November 20: Is it time to get tough on the rogue tenants?

From: David Ginley, St Albans Avenue, Skircoat, Halifax.

YOUR front page headline urged councils to get tough with rogue landlords (The Yorkshire Post, November 7). Why do we not hear about rogue tenants?

As a residential landlord for over 40 years I have a wonderful, constructive, mutual respect relationship with my tenants. Many have been with me for long, long periods (15 and 12 years are common).

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However, I know many landlords who, like me, have occasionally suffered “rogue” tenants. Tenants usually on housing benefit, who think that rent is not their problem, somehow think society owes them a living. Invariably they have the latest gadgets and always a giant television.

With their priorities upside down, they have no financial sense because the system encourages financial irresponsibility and no self-respect. Frequently moving on, they leave piles of debris, damage and rubbish.

It is easy to predict that in 40/50 years they still have nothing, encouraged and sheltered by a system which discourages self-reliance and is so much more than a helping hand. A system which all too often penalises, scorns and is a disincentive to those who do the right thing and want to provide for themselves.