November 28: Get on track with a united voice for transport

From: Bob Watson, Springfield Road, Baildon.

ALEX Hynes, the managing director of Northern Rail, states quite rightly that the formation of Rail North will provide a louder voice for the regions in Westminster.

He points out that when you speak with one voice you are far more effective (The Yorkshire Post, November 24).

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Isn’t it therefore about 
time that the Leeds City Region took this on board and 
supported the devolution proposal for Greater Yorkshire rather than their current fragmented proposal which will do the wider region no favours at all?

From: Mrs M Bielby, Cromwell Avenue, Loftus, Saltburn.

WHAT a sad time is had on trains by David Behrens (The Yorkshire Post, November 21)! Our nearest railway is Northern Rail’s Saltburn to Darlington line and we have only one complaint – the rattling bumpy carriages.

The staff are good to excellent. I would be very unhappy to have no conductors on board from a point of view of passenger safety, and for people who may need assistance.

Having conductors means that everyone pays for a ticket, which does not always happen on some other trains. Northern’s staff on our line are always polite, pleasant and helpful.