Obscene idea of £105 Christmas dinner for pets

From: Bob Crowther, High Street, Crigglestone, Wakefield.

WHAT an apt headline “Hotel dishes up a dog’s dinner – for £105” (Yorkshire Post, December 22).

To inform us that the 
Dower House Hotel in Knaresborough was to provide Porterhouse steaks and other festive fare to pampered pets at a cost of £105, was a real smack in the face for our many charity organisations and families who have to tighten their belts this festive season.

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The appearance of the well 
fed manager proffering such fare to a canine friend just beggars belief.

Flanking this picture are the headlines “Woman’s death linked to shortage of nurses”, coupled with the information that our fire stations are to close with the loss of 200 jobs.

From: JM Binns, Thornton-le-Beans, Northallerton.

WHEN so many families 
were struggling this Christmas 
to put food on the table, I 
found it utterly obscene to read your report that a hotel in Knaresborough was offering Christmas dinners for dogs at a cost of £105.

What is probably more obscene is the attitude of the people who pay it.

From: Coun Colin Challen, Scarborough.

IN your December 22 issue, one headline read: “Food bank boss predicting rise in crime and hunger as benefits cut”.

Then, on page nine, we read “Hotel dishes up a dog’s dinner for £105” regarding a hotel which is serving guests’ pets deluxe Christmas dinners.

As someone once said, you couldn’t make it up.