An outrageous tax on tax

From: Rick Sumner, Cliff Road, Hornsea.

IT’S not often that I agree with Bill Carmichael but his piece on fuel duty (Yorkshire Post, February 1) hit the nail right on the head.

However he missed what I feel is the most outrageous part of the rip off. There is a price for fuel. The Government imposes duty on this. The government then charges VAT on the whole thing. We are actually paying VAT on tax. It doesn’t even seem legal to charge a tax on payment of another tax.

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If it is legal, then it is an outrage.

Clean cabal?

From: John Toothill, Springcroft, Keighley.

WESTERMOST Rough wind farm comes at a cost of £24.5m per turbine. Would it not be better to build a new coal-powered power station with this money using clean coal technology? This could generate enough to power many cities (not just one town). Maybe we could do this with our own engineering and labour creating many jobs in Britain.

The wind farm will be made in Germany for a Danish firm (Dong). This seems to be another idea from the pro-Europe cabal. Well-named

From: Brian H Sheridan, Redmires Road, Sheffield.

RUTHVEN Urquhart’s good-natured letters can usually be relied on to raise a smile. His latest one praises the “most inappropriately named Mr Skidmore” who has apparently been making a good job of keeping East Yorkshire roads passable during the wintry spell (Yorkshire Post, February 1).

I am reminded of another recent letter, this time on the subject of drainage in North Yorkshire. The writer: Mr Leakey.