Place ban on meat imports

From: Dorothy Cope, Beckwithshaw, Harrogate.

Once the BSE crisis was over and British meat was safe France still refused to import meat from the UK.

The EU issued a fine for their refusal. As far as I am aware this fine has never been paid. Why therefore, in view of the horsemeat scandal, doesn’t the UK Government put a temporary ban on all meat imported from Europe?

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If the UK is fined, take a leaf out of the French book and don’t pay it.

Coffee grounds for concern

From: Duncan Courtney, Mill Beck Lane, Cottingham

I read Josh Hillman’s article “Our failure with maths will add up to a gloomier future” (Yorkshire Post, February 27) with interest while enjoying a coffee in a well known outlet. Interestingly, the Barista had experienced problems with the till, and consequently struggled to calculate the price of my drink (coffee £2.40, syrup 40p, total £2.80). Mr Hillman, your gloomy prognostications would appear to be justified.

Keep calm and keep the wig on

From: Max Nottingham, St Faith’s Street, Lincoln.

QUESTIONS are asked periodically about juries 
asking questions in court. In truth juries seldom ask questions because crown courts are deliberately designed to be intimidating. They have a sort of ferret in a rabbit hutch style congeniality.

Often in a crown court the only people from a normal background are the ushers and the defendant. Judges need to keep calm and keep their wigs on because juries don’t need to be put under pressure.

Off camera

From: M J Wadley, Olive Grove, Harrogate.

THE “From the archive” photo (Yorkshire Post, February 21) poses a question. As the three men depicted are not looking down the business end of a Bofors gun, who is? Must have been off camera.