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Do call centres provide good service?
Do call centres provide good service?
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From: A.W. Clarke, Martin Close, Louth.

SURELY the most annoying and frustrating invention known to man must be the wretched answerphone.

Should GP surgeries answer the telephone more quickly?

Should GP surgeries answer the telephone more quickly?

The other day, I had to register with the manufacturer of my new oven in order to receive my guarantee against breakdown.

Customers will be at the heart of Yorkshire call centre revolution

After dialling the number, the ritual began. Guess what? You’re right, they were receiving ‘very heavy traffic’ – do they ever not receive ‘heavy traffic’?

This applies not just to companies of manufactured goods but GP surgeries, 
councils, businesses of all 
kinds and just about any organisation who has a telephone. Can anyone explain the reason for this?

Jobs boost at call centres and stores

My own theory is that it 
saves employing staff to answer the phone, thus saving the company money, which is probably spent by the people phoning in lost time in their own jobs.

In GP surgeries, it is likely the cause of many a nervous breakdown, which increases the workload for the doctors in turn.

Of course the time spent waiting for the point of your call is not wasted because the announcers fill it with fatuous suggestions about using the computer instead of the phone.

Are there many reports of telephones being thrown through windows these days?