Pleased to hear of plans to honour Yorkshire genius Nicolas Saunderson – Yorkshire Post letters

Nicolas Saunderson.
Nicolas Saunderson.
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I WAS pleased to read your report about the new musical No Horizon, covering the life of Nicolas Saunderson (The Yorkshire Post, June 5). Saunderson is probably the most famous former scholar of the 600-year-old Penistone Grammar School.

As a former teacher at the school, I was always keen to inform the pupils about this inspirational mathematician, born in Thurlstone. There is still an inscribed stone in a small garden in the centre of the village bearing the Latin inscription Hic natus est Nicolas Saunderson (Here Nicolas Saunderson was born).

Why forgotten genius should be immortalised on new £50 note

The stone was originally over the door of his home. It is very interesting to learn that Saunderson’s name has been put forward as a possible face on the new £50 note. His election as Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge University, a position described by the Daily Telegraph as one of the most prestigious posts in the world, surely must be in his favour. That other famous holders of the position include Isaac Newton, Charles Babbage and, more recently, Stephen Hawking must surely place him in a favourable position to be honoured by appearing on our currency.