Pointless party conferences speak only to the faithful few

From: Trevor Woolley, Upper Clough, Linthwaite, Huddersfield.

i’m reasonably certain by now that politicians know that we, the general public, do not believe anything they say. Usually the more important the politician the less truth they speak. So what then is the purpose of the party conference?

It seems that the appeal is to the rabid few who actually attend the various venues, but the rest of us know that nothing will change so why do the great and the good bother?

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If the purpose is to reassure the few that their side is enjoying the lucrative benefits of office, then I suppose there is no real harm, but do the deluded few actually believe what they are told? I mean surely Dave and George know that we don’t believe that we “are all in it together”. Do they? We can see the inequalities of today’s society where millionaires benefit from Government policy and the rest of us pay. Still they promulgate “the big lie”.

Sir Bernard Ingham, bless him, he does well for a man of his years, says that to challenge the “all in it together” myth is the politics of envy (Yorkhsire Post, October 10). He would say that wouldn’t he, but then he did serve the most destructive and divisive politician in recent British history.

So why have a conference at all? I think we should let them carry on playing but we shouldn’t encourage them with such intensive coverage in the media. It is too much to hope that they might go away and run the country but at least if we ignore them they might just go away!

From: Ronald Kershaw, Wood Walk, Wombwell.

WITHOUT being impolite, I would suggest that had my former Yorkshire Post colleague Bernard Ingham been a little younger, his Wednesday column (Yorkshire Post, October 10) would have been one of the finest job applications I have ever read.

I am glad to see that he is 
still doing what he does best, advising Prime Ministers, criticising the unworthy and demanding a better Britain, albeit in his spare time.

From: Terry Palmer, South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley.

I WOULD like to ask Dave Cameron, Boris Johnson and George Osborne just one question: What sacrifices are any of you three making regarding the cuts you have and are making to the most needy ?

From: George McManus, chairman, Beverley and Holderness Labour Party.

EVERYTHING David Cameron said in his speech directly contradicts the reality.

He says he want to unite North and South, Black and White, straight and gay, but his policies divide the North and South, discriminate against poorer communities and put obstacles in the way of equality.

Cameron praises his father 
who made his fortune by 
using dodgy tax havens to avoid UK tax.

He says he wants to improve health and education but is 
doing everything he can to privatise our hospitals and schools.

Cameron may not have read 1984, he’s just swallowed it.

From: John Senior, Skelmanthorpe. Huddersfield.

“CAMERON backs plan for regional pay deals” (Yorkshire Post, October 8).

Can we assume that he definitely isn’t a “one nation Conservative”?