Poll position is ripe for change

From: George Appleby, Leighton Croft, Clifton, York.

WE need a really representative voting system giving the overwhelming moderate 
majority a true voice in Parliament where national decisions are made, leaving Labour, the Lib Dems and Conservatives in their true place in society, among other minorities of limited goals and aspirations.

I would like to see a new party. What about a Central Accord Party – CAP? Also a legal duty for all people of voting age to vote, with severe penalties for those who don’t or cheat.

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There should be help and special arrangements for the disabled, sick and very old people.

Bruce welcome to waltz off

From: Carole-Ann Withers, Hungate Lane, Hunmanby, Scarborough.

SO Sir Bruce Forsyth may 
quit hosting Strictly Come Dancing because of our “depressing weather”. Frankly, I don’t think he will be much 
of a loss.

His banter has become predictably boring and it is 
time he hung up his dancing shoes and made a swift exit, 
stage left.

Nice to see you, to see you go!

Unholy practice

From: Barrie Crowther, Walton, Wakefield.

PULL your finger out RSPCA, the biggest cruelty to animals 
in Britain is now the so-called ritual slaughter. Britain is a Christian country and this practice should not be allowed.

Unjust benefit

From: Ian Tomlinson, Westbourne Gardens, Leeds.

HOW can the Government justify a single person’s benefit of £350 per week when a pensioner who has worked and paid tax all his life, is expected to manage on £150 per week?