Potential danger of the ‘nuisance’ callers

From: Mrs Barbara Harrison, Parkside Avenue, Queensbury, Bradford.

GRACE Hammond (The Yorkshire Post, December 8) writes about the misery caused by nuisance calls. Not only are they a nuisance (starting at 7.45 am weekdays and also early Sunday mornings) but should I be away from home for a holiday then the answering machine memory could become full and no 
further messages could be 

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What chance is there for callers known to me to leave a message if this happens and the phone system automatically switches to answer only with the message “memory full” and then hangs up? A genuine 
caller, with perhaps an 
urgent message, would not be able to use my answering machine and I could return home unaware of this.

Call barring and the Telephone Preference Service have not stopped the cold calls that quite often use a somewhat obscure telephone number and I wait for something to be done to prevent this invasion and abuse of my phone system and my privacy.

Will the Justice 
Minister, Simon Hughes, 
get the Government to 
tackle the problem as a 
priority as he acknowledges the misery for people on the receiving end?