Power, corruption and lies lead us to despair

From: David Quarrie, Lynden Way, Holgate, York.

LORD Tebbit rightly talks about “this dog of a Government” (Tom Richmond, Yorkshire Post, October 22), but sadly it goes much further than that.

I have never been more frustrated, angry and in such utter despair about my country than right now. There has never been less real democracy. It appears that there is no-one we can trust.

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There is no joy through strength. It is impossible for us to be all in it together because we are not one nation, but a massive collection of “differences”.

Politicians via lies and the expenses scandal; bankers through the fraud and irresponsible casino dealing; national journalists through phone hacking; prisons via the large re-offending numbers; the police through Hillsborough and the miners’ strike; the Church through child sexual abuse; the BBC over Jimmy Savile.

It goes on. Professional footballers via cheating, diving and obscene salaries. Many of our very best youngsters are either out of work or being sent to die in Afghanistan in an unwinnable, futile war – madness !

Our country could and should be great, but it is anything but. Why? Because we lack genuine leadership.

Can anyone honestly see any light at the end of the tunnel? Because I cannot.