Practicalities of growing demand for regional devolution

From: Bob Holland, Cononley, Keighley.

In the wake of Scotland’s referendum, there should 
now massive devolution to Yorkshire and the Humber.

Domination by smug, 
privately educated, rich, male southerners must stop, to heal the colossal divisions in our country, and regenerate democratic politics.

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Demands for an English Parliament are thinly disguised drive to carry on Home Counties’ rule.

From: Coun Peter Box, Chair, West Yorkshire Combined Authority.

IN response to your correspondent Colin Cawthray’s question about the possible extra costs of devolution (The Yorkshire Post, September 15) I would like to assure him that the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, which is drawing up a set of demands for greater local decision-making powers, has been formed, and operates, with no increase in cost for like-for-like functions.

And we are confident that through more localised 
decision-making we will be able to achieve better value for money in public spending than Whitehall.

The fact that Leeds City 
Region Local Enterprise Partnership’s (LEP) locally-run schemes to reduce the number 
of young people not in 
education, employment and training have out-performed their Government-run equivalents shows how this 
local efficiency is already working.

From: Tim Mickleburgh, Boulevard Avenue, Grimsby.

IT is widely forecast that greater powers will be devolved to English regions. Personally I agree with this in principle as far too much authority rests with Westminster. Indeed, central Government has increased control over the years to the detriment of local authorities.

However, you have got to be careful when bringing towns and cities together that have very different identities. I’m sure Bradford residents wouldn’t want to be submerged into a Greater Leeds, the same going for the smaller places around Sheffield and their relationship with the bigger entity.

What’s more cities and towns in the North have a rivalry, with policies beneficial to one not necessarily benefiting enough. I mean we in North East Lincolnshire have been ignored when it comes to the future of direct rail services to and from Manchester Airport.

Let’s have greater co-operation, but not at the loss of individual autonomy.