Premier who craves attention

From: Mrs Betty Peel, Wharfedale, Filey.

I READ with great interest Jayne Dowle’s article on David Cameron (Yorkshire Post. May 2), giving us an insight into his personality.

All the fuss about what David Cameron was to wear before the Royal wedding, and then watching the wife of the Prime Minister of Britain walk into Westminster Abbey without a hat, and not respecting the wishes of the bride, gives us a further insight. A couple of attention-at-any-cost seekers.

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Modern scourge of data sales

From: Michael Green, Baghill Green, Tingley, Wakefield.

You report Christopher Graham, the Information Commissioner, as saying in connection with the Play Station hacking, that greater sanctions are vital against the growing “modern scourge” of selling personal information (Yorkshire Post, April 28).

If only his own staff shared his concern. If enforcement of the existing law is so ineffectual, no wonder the data marketing industry is laughing at Mr Graham all the way to the bank.

Obama correct

From: Sam Hawkins, York Road, Leeds.

I AGREE with President Barack Obama that photos of Osama bin laden should not be published after he was shot in the head. Why should the interests of mischief-making conspriacy theorists always come first?

It is because of these people that Obama was forced to publish his birth certificate last week – a sad reflection on the lack of trust in society and contemporary politics.

All smiles

From: Dorothy Penso, Lastingham Terrace, York.

It’s Tuesday morning. I’m smiling; Ian McMillan is smiling back at me (Yorkshire Post, May 3). I am delighted that you have removed that grumpy photograph and replaced it with a happy, smiling Ian. Saturday’s Yorkshire Post magazine is even better – he smiles in colour.