The price we pay for EU’s madness mounts up every day

From: Dick Lindley, Altofts, Normanton.

THE madness emanating from that madhouse, which we call the EU, is increasing exponentially at a frightening pace. Not content with their attempt to steal an extra £1.7bn from our Treasury, in addition to the thousands of millions of pounds which they already take from British taxpayers every year, the amazingly incompetent EU bureaucrats are now forcing British farmers to reduce the amount of food they grow, by insisting that 75,000 acres of excellent arable land must be left fallow every year to become an unproductive wilderness of weeds and pests.

This latest idiotic dictat from the EU commissars will effectively reduce wheat production in the UK by approximately 22,500 tonnes of wheat per year. Of course I realise that to the over-fed and highly-paid bureaucrats in Brussels the creation of wildlife wildernesses is much more important than the welfare of hungry human beings, which is a particularly appalling attitude at this moment in time when millions of children in the third world are dying from starvation.

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This is a humanitarian tragedy which the EU are compounding by reducing the amount of food which will be produced, not only here in the UK, but in Europe as a whole.

I think our new rulers in Brussels should hang their heads in shame, for it is obvious to all sensible people that they are not fit to run a market stall let alone that huge enterprise we call the EU.

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

THE EU’s insolent demand that the UK pays £1.7bn begs two questions. First, would France or Germany suffer such a demand and second, just what could the EU do to us if we refuse to pay it? Would they throw us out of the “club”? If the answer is “yes”, then the sooner the better.

From: John Watson, Leyburn.

IT seems to me that politicians come up with all sorts of sums which vary as to whose side are they on. Why can’t we have, before the election, some independent body tell us the truth about our relationship with Europe? Let’s get back to being an independent nation where our sovereignty is paramount.

From: Robert Reynolds, Batley.

FINAL confirmation that we’re being governed by dummies, the £1.7bn demand by the EU. Not only did we agree to it before the amount was announced, we also provided the EU with statistics showing our economic growth.