Prisoner votes will do harm

From: Phillip H Green, West End Avenue, Harrogate.

REGARDING whether or not prisoners should have the vote, I cannot understand why certain officials (who may have vested interests) cannot see that giving prisoners the vote gives certain politicians a stick to beat the general populace with.

This, in no way, protects the general populace against the rampant crime that is now prevalent in this country.

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It opens a door for certain nasties to minimise the day-to-day protection of the general public. It is an intention to give a louder, more supported voice, to the abusers of the general public.

We really must get back to the basic fact that when criminals commit crimes and are caught, they must serve the full term of the sentence awarded them. End of argument.

How else can we get back to living in a safe nation?

Hague right 
on EU funding

From: Adam Johnson, Long Street, Thirsk.

YOUR report on William Hague’s advice to the EU (Yorkshire Post, October 24) revealed that we have one member in touch with the public. Before that increase in funding happens, let’s have that referendum. We can no longer afford the present subscription. And who wants to be dominated by Germany and their lapdogs in France?

Investigators needed

From: Colin Lawson, Beechroyd, Pudsey, Leeds.

I READ in the national press of a family group from Uganda who claimed more than £4m over 20 years.

In mitigation I understand that in response to David Cameron’s Big Society and Iain Duncan Smith’s proposed clamping down on benefits, this woman offered to only claim for children (as if).

What we need are hard-nosed investigators checking up on fraudulent claims, not people who apparently accept these people at face value.

These people are not grateful for our compassion – they laugh at our gullibility and naivety.