A question of priority in housing allocation

From: Mrs W Abbott, Boulsworth Avenue, Kingston Upon Hull.

It is appalling that Hull City Council gave a three-bedroom house to a customer services manager in their employment as reported (Yorkshire Post, May 23).

The subject was covered locally and many people are very angry that this has been allowed to happen. Hull Council say they followed the correct policies and procedures but omit to inform the public what those procedures are.

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There are many people on the housing list here in Hull and in some cases have circumstances of greater priority than the gentleman in question. Many people would be interested to learn on what grounds Lee Turnbull was catapulted to the head of the queue whilst other people have to patiently wait their turn.

Mr Turnbull earns a reasonable salary.

Could he not search for alternative accommodation to rent on his own initiative rather than approach an overstretched council and expect them to solve the problem for him?

My late mother lived in the area in which Mr Turnbull now resides.

The houses in this area are in high demand. My mother had a serious health problem and had a letter of recommendation from her doctor and was living in a house without modern facilities, and yet she had to join the waiting list along with all the other people waiting to be re-housed.

This case has attracted a great deal of local comment so Hull Council need to look at who was responsible for making the decision and review their policies to ensure that this unfair practice is not repeated again.