Royal hatchet job saw Amol Rajan betray BBC with Harry and Meghan bias – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Janet Berry, Hambleton.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex featured heavily in Amol Rajan's controversial two-part documentary on the Royal family for the BBC.

WHAT an unpleasant guy Amol Rajan is. I have disliked him since I saw him on breakfast television mocking all things Yorkshire and making fun of our accent.

He certainly is not fit to be media editor of the BBC as he is hardly impartial considering his unpleasant remarks about our Royal Family.

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It is rumoured he may take over from Laura Kuenssberg as political editor. Surely he should not be considered as he is hardly impartial?

Amol Rajan is the BBC's media editor.

The BBC is becoming more left wing than ever and its reputation will be further tarnished if this man is made a political editor.

From: Henry Cobden, Ilkley.

WHAT a long whinge from Amol Rajan in his two-part series 
about the Royal Family (The Princes and the Press). I couldn’t work out the purpose of the programme, other than he prefers Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Absolutely no balance or context – and the Royal Family are quite right to decline to co-operate with the BBC in light of such biased and one-sided reporting straight from the Oprah Winfrey school of broadcast journalism.

Unfortunately, the BBC will probably give him a promotion on the back of this tawdry effort.