Royal headline that surprised

From: Peter J Teal, Union Road, Thorne, Doncaster.

I WAS rather surprised at your headline “Queen at race meeting for third successive day” (Yorkshire Post, June 17).

Unless I am mistaken, she attends Royal Ascot (in June) every day, the only exceptions being unavoidable occurrences such as illness, which I cannot recall hardly ever happening.

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The Queen even attended York when the meeting was transferred there due to improvements at the Berkshire course.

No, I am not a Royalist.

Generous in giving aid

From: John Rookes, Bramley, Rotherham.

I WAS disappointed to read the article by the Archbishop of York saying we should not let the recession detract us from giving to Africa (Yorkshire Post, June 18).

I have respect and admiration for Dr John Sentamu but would like to remind him that the UK is by far the most generous nation on the planet when it comes to giving to Africa.

Listening then talking is best

From: Lester May, Reachview Close, Camden Town, London.

THE PM tells the military “You do the fighting, and I’ll do the talking” but the service chiefs don’t speak out unless they feel that that there is no alternative.

I’d rather have heard David Cameron say that he would do the listening first, then the talking.