A safe passage out of Syria

From: Nino Hoblyn, Caistor, Lincolnshire.

Not unlike the little dove of peace, David Cameron holds out the olive branch in his big beak to the Syrian President Bashar Assad to get a safe passage out of the country if that would end the bloodshed (Yorkshire Post, November 7). And with all these such stories there has come the rumour that this so-called “safe haven” on offer by our David is in fact London, whereupon it has been reported that on hearing this President Assad turned deathly pale and shouted, “Leave it out Dave, you’re having a laugh. It’s a sight bloody safer over here”.

Eastern evil

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From: John Copperthwaite, St Chad’s Road, Far Headingley.

Over one million people murdered; more than 6,000 monasteries destroyed; whole forests and land laid to waste; houses destroyed; villages flattened; water wells deliberately contaminated beyond use; parents tortured and killed in front of their children; language and culture outlawed and ancient scriptures and valuable artefacts stolen or destroyed. Fantasy? No, this is the reality of the Chinese occupation of Tibet since 1949 – and we in the West continue to trade with and encourage this evil regime. It beggars belief.

Petrol price

From: Tim Mickleburgh, Boulevard Avenue, Grimsby.

It was disappointing to see Labour wanting to stop petrol prices from going up. For let’s face it, the people who would benefit the most are those who have the highest mileage and drive the most gas-guzzling vehicles. Labour would be supporting by default a transfer of wealth from the must vulnerable (who can’t afford cars) to the richest drivers.

No sale

From: David Quarrie, Lynden Way, Holgate, York.

there is only one thing that if you put it on a stall at a market, no one would buy. Answer: Common sense. Why? Because those that do not understand it would not know what it is; and those that have it do not need it!