September 12: Madness to hinder Armed Forces killing evil people abroad

From: Paul Emsley, Newton Way, Hellifield, Nr Settle.

INTELLIGENCE is a prime weapon in today’s fight against terrorists. And it is a fight, because there are certain types of people who will only understand force and aggression and who only recognise power and aggression used against them. (The cup of tea and piece of Victoria sponge won’t work)!

There are some people in the world, who by their actions are inherently evil and their tenure as a member of the human race should be terminated as soon as possible. (I would be quite happy for some of our drones to be used against human traffickers and drug barons too).

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So are our MPs (The Yorkshire Post, September 8) saying that they want to be able to sanction every act of aggression by our own Armed Forces, before they act in defence of British nationals and the protection of United Kingdom? That they don’t want our Armed Forces to be able to carry out pre-emptive strikes, to try and prevent attacks on holiday complexes?

If this requirement is true, then it is the defence policy of a lunatic. If we, as a country, decide that we will not allow political/religious maniacs to kill those whom they don’t agree with; then, our Armed Forces need to be allowed to act, unrestrained, to prevent such actions.

Could we have retaken the Falkland Islands, if all our plans had been sent to London and Buenos Aires first? Could we have stormed the Iranian Embassy, if the Ayatollah had been told first? No.

If a lawyer (eg David Davis; John Chilcot etc) had been 
asked to decide whether we should go to war with Germany in 1939, we would have all been in Belsen by the time they had decided that Hitler wasn’t 
all bad and did like young, fair-haired children and Alsatian dogs.

Given the diminishing resources that they have at their disposal today (thanks to Parliament), our Armed Forces must be allowed to act when they think their intelligence is conclusive.

From: Dick Lindley, Altofts, Normanton

JEAN-CLAUDE Juncker, President of the EU, is displaying the arrogance typical of so many EU bureaucrats by demanding that all the EU nations should take huge numbers of Syrian refugees, irrespective of the wishes of their indigenous people.

I do not remember voting for this fellow to rule over us and I would like to hear from your readers if anyone of them ever voted this man into this post.