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Should smart motorways be scrapped?
Should smart motorways be scrapped?
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From: Dennis Whitaker, Baildon.

LIKE many, I recently listened to the harrowing story of a young wife whose husband was killed on a smart motorway (The Yorkshire Post, October 25). From their outset, I have thought of them as anything but smart, however they could be made safer easily and cheaply.

Motorway safety is in the spotlight.

Motorway safety is in the spotlight.

Tragic smart motorways deaths on M1 should never have been allowed to happen: Jayne Dowle

Where hard shoulders double up as a smart lanes, emboss them with yellow chevrons to help keep drivers a safe distance from each other at the same time giving them a stopping distance, if required.

Review of smart motorways announced after ‘tragic’ death of Rotherham man

This would constantly remind drivers they were in a smart lane and that distance from the car in front was vitally important.

There are, of course, drivers who will keep in the faster lane, pulling off at the last moment but with modern cameras, double white lines and speed limits for exit lanes, enforcement legislation should not be too difficult.

MPs should set an example