Solutions to the housing crisis

From: Duncan Anderson, Mill Lane, East Halton, Immingham.

ONCE upon a time, not too long ago, a single bread-winner could go out and earn sufficient money to both feed a typical family and pay a reasonable mortgage.

Nowadays, two bread-winners are struggling to earn sufficient to be able to save for a deposit (Ryan Shorthouse, Yorkshire Post, May 30).

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Obviously something has gone badly wrong – either rates of pay are far too low or house prices are far too high. The only two solutions seem to be raise wages and build a lot more council houses to reduce house prices.

Incidentally, if the principle of right to buy is so good, why isn’t it extended to the private rented sector? If it isn’t, one can only assume that is isn’t such a good idea and, therefore, you wonder why it is still applied to the limited number of council houses that remain.

Cameron must support UK

From: David W Wright, Uppleby, Easingwold.

THE latest announcement of two further deaths of Royal Marines in Afghanistan and the deployment of Apache helicopters to Libya, neither of which we can afford, must surely reinforce the need for the Government to finally end our commitment to both of those countries’ problems.

It must also stop the ridiculous overseas aid policy, particularly when there seems to be no control on how and where the money is being used.

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The MoD needs a complete reorganisation following the numerous bodge-ups and mis-spending which is hardly helping the morale and effectiveness of our over-stretched Armed Forces.

It is time for David Cameron and his Cabinet to consider supporting the UK instead of wasting time and resources on lost causes overseas.

And never a cross word...

From: Douglas Hartley, Irving Terrace, Clayton, Bradford.

MY wife was interested to see the photograph of your former crossword compiler (Yorkshire Post, May 21). She used to tackle Ann Remington Long’s crosswords daily, and was sorry to read of her death.

A giant crossword was published occasionally. Would it be compiled by Ann? A prize was offered to successful contestants.

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My wife was once one of the lucky ones, among the top few. Each of them – all ladies – was awarded a free meal at a restaurant in Horsforth, Leeds. Was it called Fat Francos?

In an old album we have photographs (September, 1993) of some of the winners being waited on at table.

I accompanied my wife as a paying guest. Reading Galsworthy at the time, I decided to try smoked salmon, a favourite dish of Soames Forsyte. But I was soon looking enviously at the chicken my wife was enjoying.

It was a day to remember, thanks to the Yorkshire Post.

Dangers of leaving EU

From: John Fisher, Menwith Hill, Harrogate.

THE idea that all the problems facing this country could be solved by leaving the EU is simplistic and fails to consider the risks involved.

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Many of this country’s problems were present before we joined the EU. A majority of leading British companies have stated that withdrawing from the EU could damage British trade and it may encourage some British firms to relocate in Europe.

Another interesting possibility is that of Britain leaving the EU and Scotland deciding to stay in the EU and go for their long-sought-after independence.

As a small country, Scotland could benefit financially from EU membership and it would also give British firms the option of relocating in Scotland, thus avoiding possible trade sanctions that could apply to the rest of the UK in their status as a non-member of the EU.

I firmly believe that any attempt to remove this country from Europe would open a Pandora’s box of events that could seriously damage both the UK and any political party or parties involved in the decision.

Return of NHS equipment

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From: David H Rhodes, Keble Park North, Bishopthorpe, near York.

HOW surprised and delighted I was to note that Bradford Teaching Hospital is declaring an amnesty for the return of equipment ex-patients still have in their possession.

I wrote on this subject (Yorkshire Post, May 4) and how one hospital notified my friend that they didn’t want her Zimmer frame back.

Surely the big chiefs at the NHS should clearly inform all of its medical outlets of its policy on return and re-utilisation.

Maybe three elements could be implemented:

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Log all equipment out with a follow-up date when recovery should be complete and the equipment reclaimed.

Staff at all levels to be instructed to inform patients of their obligation to return “loaned” items.

Large notices on all hospital exit doors informing patients to return NHS property.

Perhaps the Bradford Teaching Hospital could be the start of the NHS’s volte face on its current profligacy.

Maybe there’s hope yet.