Speeders force other drivers to hog middle lane

From: John Turley, Dronfield Woodhouse, Derbyshire.

I FULLY agree with what Hugh Rogers states in his letter (Yorkshire Post, June 12). It sounds as if Grace Hammond (Yorkshire Post, June 7) is a member of what I call the 80-plus Brigade (those who drive at 80 or even 90mph), who seem to think that the middle and outside lanes belong exclusively to them, and that all other traffic should be in the inside lane.

I frequently drive between Sheffield and Leeds on the M1, and if conditions are suitable, drive at the legal maximum speed of 70mph. If the inside lane is not too congested, I will use it. However if I was to move back into the inside lane after every vehicle I overtook (as the 80-plus Brigade think I should), I know full well that I would very soon be in the position of being unable to move out to overtake a slower moving vehicle, due to vehicles travelling at 80mph plus down the middle lane. This will then necessitate slowing down to the speed of the vehicle in front, and it could then be several miles before there is a suitable gap in which it is safe to pull out to overtake.

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I have frequently been tailgated while travelling at 70mph in the middle lane and on some occasions been overtaken on the inside.

In my opinion the congestion problems could more effectively be reduced by instead of targeting so called middle lane hoggers, better enforcement of the existing 70mph limit. Drivers would be more willing to use the inside lane, if they knew that they wouldn’t be prevented from overtaking by vehicles exceeding the speed limit.

Incidentally, it will come as no great surprise for me to say that I am opposed to raising the speed limit on motorways from 70 to 80mph, as I know full well that the 80-plus brigade will then become the 90-plus brigade.