Spend money on water pipelines

From: Dave Haskell, Newchapel Road, Boncath, Pembs.

I HAVE always contended that the privatisation of the water companies would be a complete disaster for Joe Public – but not so for the foreign companies and shareholders though who are raking it in.

It is unbelievable that our predominantly rain-soaked islands could suffer a hose-pipe ban in the south east starting in the spring of the year, and possibly continuing into next year, when there is an abundance of water in the north and west of the kingdom.

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It is a horrendous thought that Government are more than happy to waste money with an unbelievable spend of £32.7bn for a rail line through beautiful and irreplaceable countryside that few people want! Indeed, who will actually prosper in saving a few minutes on their journey time from London to Birmingham?

Yet the Government, to their everlasting shame, pour cold water (pun intended) on spending £2.6bn for a pipeline from the rain-sodden north to the south of the country. It truly beggars belief that this incompetent coalition cannot, or will not, recognise the need and cost for pipelines can be minimised if our rivers and canal system were to be incorporated, and as an example, there is a short distance between the Severn and the Thames in Gloucestershire/Cotswold area – so why not a link up between these two rivers to bring precious water to the London area, and why aren’t most of the water company profits ploughed back into the system to repair all the wasteful leaks? Do they take us all for complete drips?

Begging for investment

From: JW Buckley, Aketon, Pontefract.

I KNOW that things are hard at the moment, but I didn’t know we have had to get out the begging bowl.

The Government has announced with pride that the South Korean National Pension Service is to open a London office. This, crows the Government, should provide a major boost to investment in British infrastructure.

Did Gordon Brown steal so much of our pensions that we can’t afford to pay for our own infrastructure? If we are dependent on foreign money to look after our own infrastructure, then why are we giving a vastly increased sum in foreign aid?

It does not make sense. That sums up politics, I suppose.

Coalition arrogance

From: Peter Hyde, Kendale View, Driffield.

IT is suggested (Yorkshire Post, April 9) that David Cameron has surrounded himself with his chums with little concern for their abilities.

I am beginning to think that way myself. George Osborne has shown his contempt for the Christian religion by putting VAT on church improvements. He has totally ignored the fact that many of our church congregations are already struggling to keep head above water.

Putting VAT on hot pasties shows that he has never been in a position where a hot pasty may be the only substantial meal a worker gets. The complete lack of concern by the coalition about the wishes of the population is now tending to arrogance.

Get real David, and listen to the people who elected you, or is it your intention to govern for one term only, throwing us to the doubtful mercies of union boss Len McCluskey’s mouthpiece?

Transfer of power

From: Martin Cruttwell, Scrayingham, York.

THE local media has been awash with stories of the Queen’s visit to York and celebrations for her jubilee

Unfortunately, even though I am a dedicated constitutional monarchist, I shall not be celebrating her long reign for the reason that in 1970s and ever since she broke her solemn coronation oath given to us her people in 1952 to “govern according to our respective laws and customs”. She broke that oath by assenting to the transfer of government from England to Brussels. The laws of England forbade that transfer of power and it was certainly not customary.

Charity begins at home

From: Jeremy Banyard, Long Meadows, Ripon.

I THOROUGHLY agree with Janet Berry with regard to giving overseas aid to the awful regime of Mugabe in Zimbabwe (Yorkshire Post, April 10).

I would actually go much further and I am sure many will agree that for the time being the UK should stop giving any aid. After all we are actually having to borrow the money to give it away – how stupid is that?

Combine this with leaving the EU and saving over £40m a day, bringing our troops home from Afghanistan (and if the government is worried about terrorists getting in, place our spare troops, once home, on the borders – armed and ready – that should stop the terrorists), we should have solved our deficit within a two year period!

Then we can start all over again with aid and everything else; having reduced the burden on our own people first.

A lesson from Sarkozy

From: Jack Kinsman, Stainton Drive, Grimsby.

THERESA May, our Home Secretary, needs to phone President Nicolas Sarkozy as soon as possible to ask him how he got rid of two terrorists, and barred another hate preacher from entering France (Yorkshire Post, April 9). After all, President Sarkozy has to abide by the same EU rules as the rest of the EU, doesn’t he?