Station location is transport solution in search of a problem

From: David Reed, Houses Hill, Huddersfield.

THE problem of locating a South Yorkshire station on the proposed high speed rail line – should it be at Meadowhall or in Sheffield city centre? – looks like a solution in search of a problem.

In the words of the engineers, Meadowhall is easier and cheaper to design, connects well with other transports links, and allows faster journey times.

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But some trains to and from London could still serve Sheffield city centre by branching on to the the normal classic lines south of the city.

Some of these trains could then continue on the existing lines to Wakefield, which will otherwise be left in the high speed cold, to terminate at Leeds. But the fastest trains to Leeds and the North East would use the Meadowhall station. Perfect!

This is exactly what happens on Europe’s first high speed line from Paris to Lyon and Marseille. The fastest trains to Marseille call at a station at Lyon airport to the east of the city, but trains terminating at Lyon leave the high speed line north of Lyon to reach the city centre and some trains calling at Lyon centre then continue to Marseille by re-joining the high speed south of Lyon.

From: AI Watkinson, Otley Road, Harrogate.

I WAS interested to read about improving the A64 to the coast at Scarborough. This upgrade is long overdue and the Government should be pressing ahead with this instead of wasting money on railways such as High Speed 2 which has been described by the TaxPayers’ Alliance and many others as a white elephant.

From: D Wood, Thorntree Lane, Goole.

IT was reported last week that the EU commissioners have given the British Government permission to re-open tendering for the £1.5bn Thameslink rolling stock contract.

Having at last made a decision in Britain’s favour, it made my blood boil to read that Theresa Villi ers, the new (and obviously over promoted), Minister of Transport has declined to do so stating what must be the most feeble excuse yet presented by what is turning out to be a most feeble government.

Her reason for refusing being that the tendering process would take another two to three years. What utter rubbish, Bombardier could most likely re-tender immediately.

This contract should then be given to Bombardier, this would not only save thousands of highly skilled British workers jobs, but Bombardier could start producing these trains almost immediately.