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Will Britain leave the EU on October 31?
Will Britain leave the EU on October 31?
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From: John Hemingway, Liversedge.

AT the time of the referendum, I was holidaying in farming country and noticed that everywhere in the countryside were Leave posters and not one single poster for Remain.

Parliament has witnessed unedifying exchanges over Brexit.

Parliament has witnessed unedifying exchanges over Brexit.

We can honour Jo Cox by honouring the democratic process over Brexit vote – Yorkshire Post Letters

Farmers we spoke to could not wait to get out: they were sick and tired of the interfering bureaucracy which is involved. The truth is that we are in a power struggle. EU Commissioners are intent on building a European Empire – and who would be in control?

Boris Johnson’s contempt for Yorkshire MPs over language and their safety after death threats shows PM is unfit to hold any office – Tom Richmond

They would, of course, and our democratic way of life would count for nothing. Long ago, Napoleon had a similar objective. So did Kaiser Wilhelm and so did Adolf Hitler. They all used force of arms, but now stealth is the order of the day. Our politicians have let us down very badly by accepting treaty change after treaty change such as Article 50 without consulting any of the 28 electorates.

Do you back Boris Johnson over Brexit? He is pictured finalising his party conference speech.

Do you back Boris Johnson over Brexit? He is pictured finalising his party conference speech.

How bludgeoning Boris Johnson is becoming an electoral liability on streets of Yorkshire – Andrew Vine

It took a long time to persuade them that a referendum should be held, then our Prime Minister at the time (David Cameron) toured European capitals to seek changes with a view to obtaining a Remain result but asked for far too little and came back with even less. He then spent public funds in trying to persuade us he had a good deal – we now see how wrong he was and he had to resign. It really is time to stop the rot.

We must bring our Parliamentarians into line with our electorate and make them fully accountable. Power must remain where it has been for generations – with the electorate.

From: Barry Foster, High Stakesby, Whitby.

THE way Boris Johnson has been treated and lampooned by the Press, MPs and people who seem out to get him is nothing short of disgusting, and makes me ashamed to be a member of the population who live in this country. It is time is all stopped and we got on with doing what the majority voted for.

From: Ken Cooke, Ilkley.

ANTHONY Smith (The Yorkshire Post, September 30) completely misunderstands my explanation of the value of the EU single market. I was saying it holds great benefit for all members. It is especially valuable in trans-border movements of ingredients and parts.

In no way was I saying trade with the rest of the world is excluded – which it patently is not. Via EU treaties, we have agreements and access to all major world markets.

The myth of the ‘‘walled garden’’ to which he alludes is entirely a Brexiteer fable.