Success on a plate foiled by ridiculous presentation

From: Karl Sheridan, Selby Road, Holme on Spalding Moor, East Yorkshire.

EATING out is normally a pleasure, especially when one does not have to do the washing up afterwards (Andrew Vine, Yorkshire Post, September 3).

However, just lately, I have began asking the staff of eateries just exactly how the main course will be presented on the plate, the reason being because an increasing number of pubs and restaurants have taken to serving their food in the most awkward fashion imaginable.

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For example recently at a golf club restaurant, a simple dish such as Steak and Ale Pie supplemented with chips and peas arrived with the pie in a round bowl complete with its pie-crust and nestling on a paper napkin, surrounded by the chips and peas it accompanied. One was expected to tackle this with a knife and fork, but one couldn’t empty the pie filling onto the plate because of the paper napkin... finally we had to ask for a spoon so as to scoop out the contents.

At another establishment we ordered a simple sandwich – which then arrived in the guise of a triple-decker type sandwich, which one’s mouth could never open wide enough to accommodate. I sent them back and asked for sensible sandwiches we could eat properly!

Of course one appreciates the effort in cooking and presentation that restaurants make, but just lately they seem to be losing touch that folk want straight forward food presented in a manner that is easy to eat – seven chips presented vertically in a small wire cage, with half a dozen peas imprisoned in a small tub while the fish it accompanies resides looking somewhat lost on a large plate, is definitely not my idea of a decently presented meal.

Am I the only one who is fighting for good food to be served in a sensible way instead of a ridiculous fashion statement?